Parliamentary Procedures Workshop

Parliamentary Procedures Workshop with Deaf Parliamentarian Elizabeth “Libby” Pollard

Friday and Saturday May 6 and 7
Friday 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
“ABCs on Parliamentary Procedures”

Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Workshop on:
a)  Officers, Minutes and Conduct of Business
b)  Bylaws, Debate and Voting
c)  Classification of Motions
d)  How to Run an Effective Meeting

Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center
Conference Room
1625 19th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Please register with your  President of your organization before April 30.

If you are not a member of any of these organization and you would like to participate, fee is $50.00 include Saturday lunch and snacks. Please email Karen Atwood to register by April 30.

This is a golden opportunity for both young and old leaders of any organization – to rejuvenate and learn new ways.

A-B-Cs of Parliamentary Procedures
Workshop Objective
* To learn how to participate in a meeting and to use an agenda.
* To learn how to present and discuss business motions, and voting methods.
* To discuss the preparation, good meeting manners, supporting group goals,
improve communication and presentation skills.
* To understand the member’s rights and obligations within an organization.

Members, Officers & Minutes
Workshop Objective
* To describe who are the members and what are their responsibilities.
* To identify the officers of an organization and their basic duties.
* To understand why the minutes are important and what should be included.

Conduct of Business, Bylaws, Debate & Voting
Workshop Objective
* To learn how an assembly carry out its business.
* To understand why bylaws are important and what is involved.
* To learn the rules and strategies of debate.
* To learn about voting techniques and how to determines the results.
* To have “hands on” experience in nomination and voting process for officers

Classification of Motions
Workshop Objective
* To learn the basic motion which brings business before the assembly.
* To understand different kinds of secondary motions.
* To learn the subsidiary motion to Amend and the process of making amendments to motions.
* To have “hands on” experience in writing motions on motion form during break-out session

How to Run an Effective Meeting
Workshop Objective
* To learn how to have a successful and productive meeting.
* To understand why participation is important.
* To practice good meeting manners.
* To be involved in a “mock” meeting using different motions.</span>