NEW Member Reward Point System

PSAD is introducing a new member reward point system. Below is a chart on how you can earn and redeem points. If you are a sport team or club you can share your points and get support from the club to support your activities. Please email with any questions or suggestions on what to add!

PSAD Member Reward Point System

Earn Points:

Show up at a Meeting 5 points
<strong>NEW!</strong> Submit an article or event to the secretary for the website 5 points
Show up at any Event 10 points
Plan and Hold an Event 15 points
Become a new PSAD member (since 2011) 5 points
Bring a Friend who Becomes a Member 5 points
TEAM – Money Fundraised by Team 2 points for each $1

Redeem Points:

Free Event Entry at any Event held at PSAD Hall 50 points
Free Hall use for 1 day 75 points
Free Hall use for 1 year (25 days) 200 points
Free Membership 75 points
Prize Entry at Annual Meeting 20 points
TEAM – Money for Team get $1 for each 2 points