Letter from the President

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We had a very productive meeting last Saturday Nov 16.

PSAD over the years has undergone many changes and this will be a fundamental change towards a greater future for PSAD.

We are now in progress of revising PSAD’s bylaws to reflect the changes:

PSAD Memberships are now free – Fill out our contact form so we have all your information for our roster!
-If you live in Puget Sound or in the outlying areas, you are now automatically a member.
-If you do not wish to be a member of PSAD, you will have to opt-out.

PSAD meetings will now only happen twice a year.

One meeting will be the Annual meeting
-Board of Directors will list out all motions that has passed/failed during the year
-Board of Directors will discuss the annual Budget
-Bylaws discussion and voting
-Any new motions voted on

The second meeting will be the Election meeting
-New Officers listed by Nomination Committee
-New Officers voted in
-General status of PSAD
-Any new motions voted on

PSAD Board of Directors will now handle motions throughout the year
-Motions are made to Board of Directors, they consider it and make recommendations
-Recommendations are sent to PSAD members via E-mail and mail (if you don’t have E-mail)
-Feedback from PSAD members will be taken for 2 weeks after the e-mail/mail is sent
-Board of Directors will vote and pass/fail based on the recommendations

PSAD Board of Directors will operate within the established Budget for each year
-Budget considerations and adjustments will be made during the Annual meeting
-Board of Directors will consult with the Financial Committee regarding Budget and expenditures

If you have any questions, please free to e-mail me at president@psadeaf.org and I will be more than happy to discuss things with you.

Also, I wanted to give Purple VRS a big thank-you for supporting PSAD. They have donated a Purple SmartVP to PSAD hall and have donated 2 iPad Mini to Board of Directors.

I would encourage you to check out Purple SmartVP if you have a chance. It’s free to sign up at http://purple.us and if you do sign up, please let them know that you’re a PSAD member!

Thank You,
PSAD President
Yes Serious