Man to Man | Real Talk hosted by ADWAS

By December 31, 2018Community Events

Man to Man Real Talk flyerWhat does it mean to be a man?

This event is welcome to all male and male identified individuals.

-Want to have another conversation with a man, but they don’t want to talk about it?
-Looking for a space for men?
-Let’s use this opportunity to discuss about what men don’t usually talk about.
• Hot topics
• Healthy Masculinity
• Sports
• The difference between a man and a boy
• How can we change society’s view of what it means to be a man
• What are other things you think are important for us to discuss so we can be better people in our communities.
Hope you’ll be there.



[Image description: Yellow back ground. At the top center of the page is a picture of two people one in red and one a peach color. In between both people in black font says “Real Talk.” Below that in black bolded font the title says “Man to man Real Talk.” Below there title is a black line.

Below the line in bolded black font says: 
Janurary 20th, 2019 3-4:30pm”

Come join us for a dialogue at ADWAS 8623 Roosevelt Way Ne, Seattle, WA 98115

What does it mean to be a man?” In black font with no bold
“All male and male identified individuals are welcome to attend. 

Below this in bold reads “contact us at for access needs or for more information.
At the bottom right hand corner is a Black ADWAS logo with a hand and inside the palm says ADWAS.]