PSAD Dinner with Deaf Chefs

By March 13, 2019BLOG, PSAD Events

Come have delicious dinner cooked by two deaf chefs! Buy your tickets, linked here, in advance because this event is limited to 50 people!

See the menu below, gluten-free menu available on request. Any additional questions, please contact Edite Sturite at (Image description below the images.)

Dinner with Deaf Chefs FlyerDinner with Deaf Chefs Menu

[Image description 1: A green circle on top of a picture of hills. Inside the circle has text that says PSAD Presents Dinner with Deaf Chefs. Below that is two separate pictures of the deaf chefs, both looking at the picture and smiling. Under each picture is their names, Kurt Ramborger and Nick Aebly. Below the green circle is green text that reads April 27, 2019. There is a green box below that with white text that says

Doors open 3PM

Price: $80

Where: PSAD Hall, 2407 NW 60th St, Seattle, WA

For more information or questions, contact Edite Sturite at

* Limit 50 people * ] [Image description 2: a simple white background with black text –


Cold Starter: Grilled and chilled seasonal melons with chiffonade basil and infused herb oil
Hot Appetizer: Risotto Croquettes with kale pesto and shaved pecorino parmesan
Fish Dish: Whitefish with orange beurre blanc, arcadia greens, and pecorino sardo dressing.
Meat Dish:  Pistachio crusted lamb chops, mixed quinoa, seasonal vegetables and salsa verde
Dessert Dish: TBD

For more information or questions, contact Edite Sturite at

*Gluten free menu available, please contact Edite Sturite.]