Obituary of Joya Adams

By August 31, 2020BLOG

Joya Adams (1929-2020)

Joya Adams pictures

2 pictures of Joya Adams – left picture with a birthday crown on her short gray hair celebrating her 90 birthday and right picture when she was awarded by Deaf Seniors of America for her exceptional service to the Deaf community in August 2015. 

Joya Adams was born in New York City, NY, on February 1, 1929. She passed away recently on August 3, 2020 to be with the Lord. Her last days were spent in Renton, WA, with her beautiful family. Joya Adams moved to Seattle, WA, and settled in the city in the1950s. She has one beautiful hearing daughter, Catherine Adams.

Many people have described Joya as a sweet, caring, positive, confident, cheerful and loving person. She was always well organized and energetic, and gave of her time to anyone who sought her out. She had many loyal friends. She loved to celebrate exciting events at birthdays, anniversaries and special holidays. She took real pleasure decorating for such events at the Seniors’ Clubhouse.

Joya really loved serving the Lord as she had been attending churches for many years. Also loved the Deaf community. She was a member of Mercy Social Club (Mother’s Club), Puget Sound Association for the Deaf, Red Hat Society Ladies Club, and many more clubs and organizations. She started the Greenlake Coffeehouse at Bethany Community Church and ran it for 10 years.

She was presented an award, “Distinguished Service Award”, from the Deaf Senior of America (DSA ) back in August 2015 for her exceptional service benefitting America’s Deaf Seniors.

A celebration of Joya’s life will be held as soon as everyone is able to gather in a safe manner after the Coronavirus pandemic. She will be greatly missed by all of us. Rest in peace, Joya!