Meeting/Event Hall Rental Information

PSAD has a meeting and event hall available for rental. View our rental contract here and contact us for more information!

Facility Details

PSAD’s rental hall is located at 2407 NW 60th Street, Seattle WA 98107 in a residential area in Ballard. Parking is available on side streets but not on the property itself. There is drive in access to the door for loading and unloading supplies you bring for your meeting. The meeting hall has both a television and projection screen that can display different information at the same time. Please check with for any technical questions or requests at least a week before your event date. The hall has a full kitchen and restrooms available. There is a check-in/registration desk at the back entrance. Feel free to hang signs or banners from the handrails outside as long as you remove them when you leave. Water is available free of charge from the dispenser, sodas are available for $1.00 each. You can use the kitchen to cook for yourself or bring in food from a caterer, we are not able to provide any food for your events. You must read and sign the statement in the rental form to complete your rental agreement. The meeting hall must be left in the condition it is found in, all cleanup must be done the same day your event is held.

Rental Form

IMPORTANT: Before you fill out this form and submit it, please email to see if the meeting hall is available for your meeting or event. Follow the link below for the form.

PSAD Meeting Hall Rental Agreement